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How do I stop my pet from tearing holes in the furniture?






How do I stop my pet from tearing holes in the furniture?

Our pets love to dig and claw. Unfortunately, they don't care if it's outside in the dirt or on our new sofa. To keep your pet from ruining your home, you need to supervise their free time outside – especially during the spring and summer months. When it comes to protecting your sofa from scratching, you have a few options.



One way is to have your pet declawed, which will make them think twice before going after your furniture. Pet owners’ debate whether declawing is humane, and whether it is a necessary procedure. They argue that "unusual nail growths" can pose a danger to your pet's health. Talk to your vet to find out if this is a reasonable solution.



Consider wrapping your furniture in plastic sheets. You can either buy plastic sheeting or make your own. When you work on your plastic, be sure to get into the corners, where your pet usually makes its initial digs. Cons to this option is that it instantly ages your home.


Decorative covers

Another option is to put a decorative mat in front of your furniture. You can find these mats at any pet supply store. They can be placed on top of your existing mats or even made from fabric. For larger scratches, you may need to cover the entire piece of furniture with a waterproof layer of fabric, such as contact paper or plastic sheeting. Finally, you can add a strip of plastic tape.


Reprimand poor behavior

You should also immediately reprimand poor behavior like furniture scratching. If your pet is mouthing or pushing their body against the area that your furniture was scratched, use a strong voice to give your pet a warning. It's also best to put your furniture on a platform or bookshelf to give you a barrier between your pets and the furniture.


Try a Mason & Bone pet bed

If your pet has destroyed their pet bed, consider a new bed from