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Is it okay to donate my pet's old bed?




Mason & Bone pet beds are designed to last a long time. We hope that your pet will fall in love and grow with our beds. But what if you ordered an extra bed, your pet had an accident that can't be resolved with the wash, or maybe your little one transitioned? Should you consider donating your pet bed? 

We give every pet the best. That's why we only use the best materials & our high-quality woven beds are your pets' very own. Mason & Bone would love to provide you with another bed to use as long as your dog is with you. But is it okay to give it away to someone else? That's up to you. Of course, if you are parting with a bed that has been loved, then you should probably consider giving it to someone who will truly appreciate and love it.


Preparing your bed for donation.

Unstuff your pet's bed & any other accessories, wash it in hot water, rinse it with dish detergent and let it air dry. Put it in a bag and drop it off at a local animal shelter. If you are donating a bed, you may also want to put a nice tag or handwritten note on the bed to encourage a home finder to take good care of your dog's bed.

If you cannot donate a pet bed, you can always make a monetary donation for your furry friend's bed, as well as much-needed supplies and donations for the shelter. We have the best community of like-minded pet lovers. Please share this campaign with your friends so we can help all dogs in need.


Thank you so much for your help!

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Mason & Bone ( is a small business that sells pet beds based in Chicago, IL. Founded in 2020, Mason & Bone offers the best online dog beds in the market. Their woven beds are a mix of materials such as fleece, shredded cotton, and PVC, with a small fleece pullover that goes over the pet's head.


Our Goal

We're based in Chicago, but we sell all over the world. We are looking to launch our website internationally, so we can reach more dog owners and pet parents. The Mason & Bone we've created is not just about having the best quality pet beds, but about having the best feeling pet owners, and that is what drives us every day.