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Washing Your Pet's Bed





 When was the last time you washed your pet’s bed?

Unless your little one has a nice fluffy bed (or you have bought a new one), it will need a thorough clean, and that task might not be top of the to-do list in your house. So, if you're thinking of bleach, it's best to leave that one for later. But for pet beds, we're willing to give you our top tips on how to get rid of pet odor from the inside out.


Pet bed maintenance

So, what are the signs that your pet bed needs washing? Well, for starters, don't be too shocked if you find a solid amount of cat or dog hair on the inside. It's normal, but it can be removed if you wash them regularly.

Pet beds also need to be washed regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust mites, which can cause allergies in people. So, if you notice a mite mound growing on the inside of your pet bed, that's another reason to clean it.

Most dogs, like most cats, won't make a huge fuss if you wash their beds.

However, if your pet bed is a comforter or bedspread, he might feel more of a need for a change. Before you throw the fitted sheet or duvet on the bed, you should make sure you don't have any dog hair or any pesky little pests hiding within the weave.


How to wash pet beds 

Our first piece of advice is to take the bed outside, ideally outside in the sun. This is because pet beds can accumulate dust and sand in the bedding, so giving it a good airing will help give it a new lease of life.

Secondly, don't use any bleach – it's not a great idea.


Pet beds get dirty, but bleach is not a good idea.

Instead, soak it in a bucket with a little water in it, cover it and leave for several hours. The water will help lift some of the dust and sand and your pet bed will feel much fresher.

If the fabric gets rather damp after a soak, then let it air-dry naturally. 

If your pet bed gets wet, then make sure you keep the water off the fabric. Soak it in a bucket, drain it and cover it with a towel to make sure it's air-drying. 

If your dog or cat doesn't particularly care what you wash their bed, then we'd recommend making the bed in the washing machine. You could put some warm water in the washing machine and a non-toxic detergent in there. Leave it in the wash until it's completely clean, then put it in the dryer on a medium-high setting for a couple of minutes.